About Us

Similar to many founders, I started Victoria Road to effect change. More specifically, to change the way people created clothing. Today, we are a team of people who are redefining how clothes are made and building a supply chain of the future where sourcing garments sustainably, for yourself or your small business, becomes accessible, affordable, transparent and seamless.

My own experience launching our label in 2015 showed how much room there was for innovation. It wasn’t just about the designs, in fact that was the easy part. We had to develop sizing, ensure the fit was correct and the clothes were comfortable to wear. Select fabrics that not only worked with the designs but would last for multiple washes and ideally were environmentally friendly. It was important to us to know who was making our clothes, what their working conditions were like and whether they were paid fairly.  

The entire process was frustrating and expensive. I really wanted to be spending that energy building our brand and marketing our products. Being a lawyer with no background in the fashion industry, we outsourced the development and production. We spent so much money and made so many mistakes! But slowly, we found our way and built a business that would allow other small businesses to design and source their own products in small batches without having to learn the hard way.

We are based in Pakistan in large part because it is one of the few countries in the world that has every part of the fashion supply chain. They grow and mill the cotton, create fabrics, dye them, style, pattern and manufacture. There is a rich history of fabrics, fashion and a deep pool of experienced tailors. 

Using this as a base we have layered technologies over existing skill sets to improve the process. Cloud based design, pattern libraries, inventory and manufacturing process that reduces waste and time to market. This is all married to an ethical and sustainable model where everyone in the chain is respected and quality is paramount.

Today, we source about 80% of our fabric from a small family owned weaving unit. We are not able to trace the cotton they use back the farms yet, but we are working on it and hope by spring of 2022 we will be able to offer sustainable cotton that is farm to finish. The remaining 20% of our fabrics are purchased from wholesalers who buy and resell leftover fabrics. This is often referred to as deadstock fabric which helps to eliminate waste from larger producers.

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Shannon Grewer, Co-Founder & CEO

Megan Brosterman, Co-Founder & Head of Sustainability

Faiza Khan, Head of Production & Sourcing

Farina Naimat Ali, Head of Emerging Designers

Naushaba Brohi, Head of Zero Waste Project

Warisha Farhat, Finance

Mishal Narsi, Social Media