Our Paris Trip with the VR Kids

Beginning with the coldest New Year’s Eve ball drop in a century, New York City has been having a pretty frigid January. This past weekend it miraculously hit 40 degrees and the playgrounds were full and my 4 year old wouldn't keep her coat on!

Now that the holidays are over, we’re left yearning for our next warm weather trip, and wistfully pouring over pictures from our family trip to Paris this summer…trying to remember how it felt to wear a sundress…

Notre Dame Paris Sister Love - Victoria Road Travels

The city of Paris already meant a lot to me: I took my first airplane trip there with my parents when I was five, and I studied there for a semester in college. This time, I came with my husband and two little girls. 

Versailles Mommy and Me Victoria Road Paris Trip

We stayed at an apartment on Ile St. Louis and started every morning with a baguette and honey. Every afternoon, we came back to our “Sorbet Island” to have a frozen treat from Berthillon or one of the myriad other ice cream shops on the island and rest up before dinner. Can we say bliss?

In July, there was a fantastic carnival at the Jardin de Tuilleries, complete with trampolines and a ferris wheel!  Such an amazing place for the kids to let loose.

Bouncing at Jardin de Tuilleries Paris Victoria Road Travels

I remembered as I was putting this together that my girls and I wore our sample dresses and tops from the Victoria Road Fall/Winter 2017 collection several days on the trip, in addition to our favorite pieces from Spring/Summer 2017. Even though it was July in Paris, the breathable slubbed cotton was so comfortable - such a great fabric for transitioning from season to season! And packed and traveled so well, too, just like our summer weight lawn cotton.

Ferris Wheel at Jardin de Tuileries Victoria Road Paris Travel

Of course, there's also the beautiful carousel at Tuileries - we probably hit every carousel in the city...these are the things you do when you're traveling with kids.

Carousel Jardin de Tuileries

This was the first trip to Paris I've taken where this was on my radar, but I couldn't believe how kid-friendly the city is. Since April 2017, the city expanded the "Paris Plages" throughout the Parc Rives de Seine. All along the quai, there are playgrounds, lounge chairs, climbing walls - imagine sitting at the playground watching your kids play with THIS as the backdrop! 

Seine Playground Victoria Road Travel _DSC0064

Each day we would walk along the Seine to get to where we were going, stopping at each playground along the way.

Walking along Paris Plages, Parc Rives de Seine - Victoria Road travels

Climbing wall Paris Plages - Parc Rives de Seine - Victoria Road Travels

Of course, we also hit the famous sailboats at Jardin de Luxembourg - but did you know they also have an amazing playground there with a zipline for kids?? 

Jardin de Luxembourg sailboats Victoria Road Paris Trip

Luxembourg playground Paris kids trip Victoria Road

My girls are slightly obsessed with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, so we couldn’t pass up a pilgrimage to Lafayette’s tomb in a hidden cemetery rich with French history. Asked by the volunteers there why she loved Lafayette so much, my older daughter responded, “I like the way he raps.” 

Lafayette's Tomb Paris Victoria Road Travels

They also loved visiting Versailles - probably one of the best days of the trip. I loved re-visiting this spectacular palace with my two inquisitive girls who were naturally fascinated with the French monarchy - and Marie Antoinette! Answering all their questions about the French Revolution kept us on our toes...

Versailles Palace 2 Victoria Road Paris Trip

Versailles Palace Victoria Road Paris Trip

Versailles Palace listening Victoria Road Paris Trip

Exploring Versailles - sister hugs - Victoria Road Paris Trip

After exploring the main palace, we toured through the gardens all the way to Marie Antoinette's little private cottage, Hameau de la Reine.

Versailles gardens Victoria Road Paris Trip

Versailles bicycling Victoria Road Paris Trip

Marie Antoinette's Cottage at Versailles - Hameau de la Reine - Victoria Road Paris Trip

Some final sights we couldn't leave without...

The Mona Lisa at the Louvre - Victoria Road Paris Trip 2017

The Eiffel Tower in matching sister dresses...

Eiffel Tower - matching sister dresses - Victoria Road Paris Trip 2017

And my personal favorite spot, Place des Vosges.

Place des Vosges girls long floral dress Victoria Road Paris Trip

I'll always stay true to New York City, but is it any wonder my girls asked me every day if we could move to Paris?